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Message No. 109, Started by jlessard on 01/24/00
Can you explain to me the coal gasification process and waht is derived from it?
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Coal gasification is a chemical process that removes potentially harmful ma...
No. 20072, Posted by harrybrad on 11/10/08, 21:01 PST.
The "Encyclopedia Britanica" definition (from a previous reply) is accurate...
No. 115, Posted by cemomnie on 01/24/00, 18:02 PST.
Oops, posted too soon. I followed the link to Encyclopaedia Brittanica sup...
No. 114, Posted by daffodil on 01/24/00, 16:07 PST.
I saw your message and was curious as to what coal gasification was, so I d...
No. 113, Posted by daffodil on 01/24/00, 15:56 PST.
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