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Message No. 10993, Started by tetrano on 04/11/03
I'm looking for information on the wind speed a 100 year storm in Pittsburgh, PA.  Does anyone know of a resource on the internet, which might have this data or even by region of the country or state?  I'd really be thankful if someone even knew the speed.  Thanks for any help folks.
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Thanks for all the help on this topic. I ended up finding the wind speed i...
No. 11144, Posted by tetrano on 05/05/03, 07:21 PST.
What you're looking for is a publication put out by the American Society of...
No. 11142, Posted by acroduster on 05/05/03, 06:14 PST.
Just multiply the 50 year wind speed by 1.07 if 85100mph multiply V(50yr) b...
No. 11045, Posted by pconlon on 04/17/03, 13:51 PST.
Thanks for the info guys, I'm working on a railroad sign bridge and the ...
No. 11003, Posted by tetrano on 04/13/03, 10:08 PST.
somewhat off point but something related to the previous post by Milt. Sorr...
No. 10999, Posted by rorschach on 04/12/03, 19:33 PST.
Hi Tetrano, Engineers involved in the design of buildings require this i...
No. 10996, Posted by neil moran on 04/12/03, 09:17 PST.
Tetrano: I searched the storm event archives of the National Climate Dat...
No. 10994, Posted by mbeychok on 04/11/03, 16:32 PST.
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