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Message No. 11050, Started by antony thomas on 04/19/03
What is the procedure to calculate the tightening torque for bolts & nuts especially for cast iron bolts & nuts?

C.M.Antony Thomas
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when I say stringers, what I mean are stringy machining "chips" that instea...
No. 11353, Posted by rorschach on 06/03/03, 09:27 PST.
Notches are bad. A metal part with a notch will ALWAYS withstand less load...
No. 11344, Posted by timkom on 06/02/03, 11:15 PST.
I hear (read?) what you are saying and you've given good advice in the past...
No. 11329, Posted by rorschach on 05/29/03, 20:38 PST.
If the parts weld during torque installation, the K friction factor is 1 or...
No. 11328, Posted by timkom on 05/29/03, 17:08 PST.
no fancy test equipment here! no siree! my question was intended to model s...
No. 11326, Posted by rorschach on 05/29/03, 16:29 PST.
The formula is based upon nominal diameter but I can see your logic for usi...
No. 11325, Posted by timkom on 05/29/03, 14:45 PST.
timkom, shouldn't D be the pitch diameter, not the o.d.? by the way, wha...
No. 11323, Posted by rorschach on 05/29/03, 10:29 PST.
The formula for calculating torque on a bolt or nut is T=KDL. T is torque...
No. 11307, Posted by timkom on 05/27/03, 16:46 PST.
you will need to know what alloy and heat treatment that has been applied t...
No. 11076, Posted by rorschach on 04/23/03, 19:51 PST.
hai gerdb, Our application has a stationary bottom-part made...
No. 11061, Posted by antony thomas on 04/21/03, 23:04 PST.
maye they are made from cast steel, not cast iron. If they are made from...
No. 11058, Posted by gerdb on 04/21/03, 09:06 PST.
thank you for the response hai gerdb, yes the bolts & nuts are made ou...
No. 11055, Posted by antony thomas on 04/21/03, 02:08 PST.
The correct answer is; you don't calculate it. You read the chart. Engineer...
No. 11052, Posted by crackerjack on 04/19/03, 14:29 PST.
do you mean bolts and nuts made out of cast iron?
No. 11051, Posted by gerdb on 04/19/03, 03:17 PST.
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