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Message No. 11595, Started by thoughttrain on 07/07/03
I would like to hear how people's lives have been negatively affected by computers.  I know there are good things that the computer has brought us, but let's hear the bad news first.

I'll start:

1.  I sit much more than I used to and now have more health problems.  I am forced to sit because many people will only accept information through their computer interface.

2.  I lost a job because I visited a website (weblog) through my work computer, and my web browser "history" was audited.

3.  I have waited through long in-flexible automated phone answering systems which have taken advantage of the computer's canned abilities.

OK, someone else pick up where I left off.


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Follow-up Messages (16)
Thank you, Acro. Finally, something constructive on this thread.
No. 11658, Posted by rolschwarz on 07/15/03, 05:34 PST.
Boy, I've got a lot to say on this subject. However, I'll let somebody els...
No. 11657, Posted by acroduster1 on 07/15/03, 04:29 PST.
The reason I would like to see this thread fade away is because the origina...
No. 11638, Posted by rolschwarz on 07/10/03, 14:01 PST.
I agree with the first part of your post, after all, why be afraid .... ...
No. 11637, Posted by gerdb on 07/10/03, 11:08 PST.
I would hate to see a topic which is frothing with such passion fade so qui...
No. 11625, Posted by thoughttrain on 07/09/03, 10:18 PST.
Does this mean we can finally let this thread fade away to well-deserved ob...
No. 11624, Posted by rolschwarz on 07/09/03, 09:52 PST.
OK, I can see I'm not going to get you to answer my question, so I will mov...
No. 11623, Posted by thoughttrain on 07/09/03, 09:05 PST.
I hear your pain and have had like experiences. One in particular steps fo...
No. 11622, Posted by thoughttrain on 07/09/03, 09:01 PST.
Tom, here is my take on the subject. Computers, like any inantimate object ...
No. 11616, Posted by rorschach on 07/08/03, 13:49 PST.
being a machinist for decades, having bought the first radioshak computer a...
No. 11613, Posted by gerdb on 07/08/03, 10:44 PST.
OK, thanks for your reply, but my request has not been engaged. Read my in...
No. 11603, Posted by thoughttrain on 07/07/03, 15:35 PST.
Good advice. Excercise has been a part of my life all along. Although, it...
No. 11602, Posted by thoughttrain on 07/07/03, 15:19 PST.
Trolling my friend. Just trolling. Actually, there is a serious questio...
No. 11601, Posted by thoughttrain on 07/07/03, 15:02 PST.
The computers that operate my car's airbag have yet to ruin or save my life...
No. 11599, Posted by rolschwarz on 07/07/03, 13:38 PST.
Okay, here's my suggestions... 1) "I sit much more than I used to and no...
No. 11598, Posted by rowrowrow on 07/07/03, 13:02 PST.
Is there an engineering question somewhere in your message ... or are you s...
No. 11596, Posted by mbeychok on 07/07/03, 09:08 PST.
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