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Message No. 11879, Started by rorschach on 08/15/03
I guess everyone already knows about the massive blackout yesterday, and some may even have thier lights back on by now. but it raises an important question for me. How wise is it to have such a large interdepenent grid structure? Would it not make more sense to partition it into several smaller grids with the ability to support each other instead of a huge monolithic one? Is that even possible? I'm no EE, but since there have been at least three system wide shutdowns in relatively recent history (in the last 40 years) due to relatively isolated failures, I have to wonder where were the reliability engineers when the system was being designed and built?
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Follow-up Messages (16)
Here is a link for an anlaysis of part of the failure: http://www.compu...
No. 12586, Posted by rorschach on 11/21/03, 09:20 PST.
well, I'm not sure how things are configured in the Northeast, but here in ...
No. 12014, Posted by rorschach on 08/31/03, 18:32 PST.
Congressional investigation may be needed for another reason: My power c...
No. 12009, Posted by gerdb on 08/30/03, 13:23 PST.
our belief system and theirs are not the same. Like male and female belief ...
No. 11947, Posted by gerdb on 08/23/03, 06:13 PST.
What I don't get is why these power companies aren't liable for their failu...
No. 11944, Posted by zapboy on 08/23/03, 01:28 PST.
I just saw a comprehensive overview of the last three power blackouts on TV...
No. 11943, Posted by gerdb on 08/23/03, 00:37 PST.
Zapboy: So, I assume (if you lived in Califfornia) that you would not ha...
No. 11899, Posted by rolschwarz on 08/18/03, 06:39 PST.
there are a couple flaws in the logic I see here. First off, we are all ass...
No. 11898, Posted by rorschach on 08/18/03, 06:17 PST.
A lot of researchers are blaming the distribution lines in Ohio as the root...
No. 11895, Posted by zapboy on 08/17/03, 14:45 PST.
This is likely the underlying financial motivation. From my experience i...
No. 11894, Posted by gerdb on 08/17/03, 10:26 PST.
It seems to me that a relatively simple fix for this could exist. See if t...
No. 11893, Posted by acroduster1 on 08/17/03, 07:53 PST.
Good thought ! Also, de-regulation may be to blame. De-regulating the ai...
No. 11889, Posted by gerdb on 08/15/03, 20:37 PST.
I'm willing to bet the blackout has more to do with management than with eq...
No. 11885, Posted by rolschwarz on 08/15/03, 15:03 PST.
or this article:
No. 11884, Posted by rorschach on 08/15/03, 10:19 PST.
consider this article:
No. 11883, Posted by rorschach on 08/15/03, 10:15 PST.
I'm don't know much about the power grid structure, but I believe it is par...
No. 11881, Posted by dtrenkner on 08/15/03, 09:28 PST.
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