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Message No. 12244, Started by gary_1.8t on 09/27/03
I have a piece of c-channel that is fixed a one end and a load applied at the opposite end.  I've gone thru the calculations to select my c-channel.  Now I'm a bit confused when it comes to axis x-x and axis y-y.  For example looking at Mach Hndbk 24th ed., on axis X-X the value for I for C 3 x 6 is 2.07in^4 and on axis y-y the I value is 0.305in^4.  In interpreting this data, the strongest section in bending would be a load applied perpendicular to the x axis?  Yeah I'm a n00b student and this isn't a real world app.  thanks for any clarification on this.

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Zapboy's answer is correct, but in reply to Zapboy's question: Vinzenma ...
No. 12247, Posted by acroduster1 on 09/29/03, 05:47 PST.
It depends on the problem you have to solve. If you have a beam with a sin...
No. 12246, Posted by vinzenma on 09/28/03, 04:54 PST.
You are correct. The x-x axis is the major axis, and the y-y is the minor ...
No. 12245, Posted by zapboy on 09/27/03, 09:13 PST.
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