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Message No. 12429, Started by gerdb on 10/28/03
Hearing about the Roswell T-bars that have practically no weight and cannot be bent, this seems to be a valid engineering problem for our future generations.

Is anyone familiar with this concept?

It sure migth come in handy in interdimensional travel, which is a no-brainer. Our space station astronauts seem to be experiencing some inter-dimensional effects already due to prolonged exposure to space environment. When we go to Mars, its already going to be interdimensional travel, we wouldn't get there without experiencing what it is. We don't have to find out what it is, it will come to us.

By the way, I bet the symbols on the  Roswell T-bars are symbols for places the space craft has been, like we keep a logbook on an ocean-going ship. With the mind going largely blank during such travel, these symbols could also be a reminder about interdimensional obstacles to overcome.

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Follow-up Messages (16)
Supposing that the aliens do exist, I dont think that this is a technology ...
No. 12669, Posted by aryelerner on 12/02/03, 05:21 PST.
you are probably talking about titanium alloys. I mean a metal (or material...
No. 12661, Posted by gerdb on 12/01/03, 19:58 PST.
We already have it. It have been used in USS Enterprise. :+)
No. 12638, Posted by aryelerner on 11/30/03, 03:21 PST.
first we imagine (or experience in your vocabulary) ourselves some limitati...
No. 12442, Posted by gerdb on 10/29/03, 11:57 PST.
I am sharing: imagination is all there is, even limitations have to be "ima...
No. 12441, Posted by gerdb on 10/29/03, 11:52 PST.
you really should take it easy on that "medical" marijuana Gerdb, either th...
No. 12440, Posted by rorschach on 10/29/03, 11:39 PST.
it all starts with imagination: imagine we could some day fly like the bird...
No. 12439, Posted by gerdb on 10/29/03, 11:21 PST.
Good one! It may have been Messerschmidt or Fokker. The section of steel ...
No. 12438, Posted by timkom on 10/29/03, 09:45 PST.
tell me, did it have mysterious markings that seemed to spell out "Case" or...
No. 12437, Posted by rorschach on 10/29/03, 09:37 PST.
true enough, as long as we remember it is entertainment and not reality.......
No. 12436, Posted by rorschach on 10/29/03, 09:35 PST.
I haven't heard of Roswell T-bars but assume it relates to the incident in ...
No. 12435, Posted by timkom on 10/29/03, 09:34 PST.
i saw the words "no mass" and "metal" together. seems pretty inconcievable....
No. 12434, Posted by taurusthetenacious on 10/29/03, 08:08 PST.
Gerdb, you've been watching the sci-fi channel again haven't you? that whol...
No. 12433, Posted by rorschach on 10/29/03, 06:40 PST.
Such a material as the Roswell T-bars would be the holy grail in material s...
No. 12432, Posted by dozer on 10/29/03, 06:25 PST.
It's dangerous to be unattended after a head injury.
No. 12431, Posted by rolschwarz on 10/29/03, 05:41 PST.
What you are suggesting is against the laws of physics, even light has mass...
No. 12430, Posted by taurusthetenacious on 10/29/03, 05:39 PST.
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