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Message No. 126, Started by hummer on 01/26/00
My question applies to the use of flue duct expansion joints.  Most manufacturers recommend the use of either a baffle plate or liner plate in conjunction with insulation.  The intention is to protect the expansion joint material from both temperature and abrasion.  We have experienced many problems with this arrangement.  It is common for material from the gas stream to wedge in behind the baffle (I can picture this as a vortex action) and restrict the total movement of the expansion joint.  Is anyone aware of any additional measures that could help alleviate this blockage?  I was considering just going without the baffle, thereby allowing the gas stream (about 1-2 gr/scf and only ~300F) to directly contact the expansion joint material and act as a "self-cleaning" arrangement.

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No. 141, Posted by narayan on 01/29/00, 03:40 PST.
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No. 132, Posted by dr funda on 01/26/00, 20:09 PST.
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