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Message No. 12940, Started by gerdb on 01/02/04
Does anyone have knowledge about whether or not those 500 meter tall buildings have demolition charges built-in when they go up so they can be properly demolished when the need arises? Maybe that could be a requirement by insurance companies. Like: how else are you going to get them down again. Maybe those charges could have been set off by the jet fuel.

Is it true that jetfuel burns at 850 F max and steel melts at 1500F?

This is not a political statement, our democracy should allow it....
put fear aside, the next life you save may be your own.

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Follow-up Messages (15)
As rolschwarz alludes to, "electrical fire" is a misnomer. The electrical ...
No. 12970, Posted by acroduster1 on 01/09/04, 09:04 PST.
Standard navy procedure for fighting a class 'C' (electrical) fire: Unplug...
No. 12967, Posted by rolschwarz on 01/09/04, 05:57 PST.
Actually it is common to use water on electrical fires and there is no link...
No. 12964, Posted by b1ueshift on 01/08/04, 14:07 PST.
no I do not believe it does (I'm almost certain it does not.). I believe th...
No. 12961, Posted by rorschach on 01/08/04, 06:07 PST.
Another questions about sprinkler systems that came up recently, and is pro...
No. 12959, Posted by suedo on 01/08/04, 02:58 PST.
Your right about the sprinkler system acroduster, it wasn't designed for th...
No. 12954, Posted by b1ueshift on 01/07/04, 14:11 PST.
Rorschach - the fuel load only lit the fire. It was all gone within minute...
No. 12951, Posted by acroduster1 on 01/06/04, 04:50 PST.
It would be nice if your interests included reality, though.
No. 12949, Posted by rolschwarz on 01/04/04, 15:57 PST.
I'm sure the reasons for the collapse of the twin towers have already been ...
No. 12948, Posted by rorschach on 01/04/04, 15:48 PST.
I use word for windows "find" feature myself, but first one must have a dat...
No. 12947, Posted by gerdb on 01/04/04, 04:44 PST.
It was Benjamin Franklin. It took me less time to verify that fact than it...
No. 12946, Posted by rolschwarz on 01/03/04, 16:48 PST.
"Do the paranoids keep you awake at night? " Democracy is two wolves and...
No. 12945, Posted by gerdb on 01/03/04, 07:25 PST.
looking at the internet - there are no anti-conspircay postings. For a laym...
No. 12943, Posted by gerdb on 01/02/04, 08:27 PST.
In a word: No - there are no charges built into buildings to help bring th...
No. 12942, Posted by acroduster1 on 01/02/04, 07:12 PST.
Do the paranoids keep you awake at night?
No. 12941, Posted by rolschwarz on 01/02/04, 05:52 PST.
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