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Message No. 131, Started by john satter on 01/26/00
If a tree drops in the forest and no one is there, does it make a sound?   I have more of these if you answer this.

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Follow-up Messages (10)
Set up a tape recorder and leave it in the forest.
No. 6903, Posted by prion30 on 04/28/01, 10:46 PST.
The tree makes a sound but it DOES NOT make a noise.
No. 5814, Posted by galad on 01/17/01, 18:03 PST.
no-one will ever know because if they did then someone would have had to be...
No. 5812, Posted by joker on 01/17/01, 14:51 PST.
If someone leaves a message on a Message Board and nobody replies, is the...
No. 221, Posted by BobD on 02/10/00, 12:54 PST.
It's just amazing how this thread has become the most popular topic in this...
No. 156, Posted by wuby on 02/02/00, 20:32 PST.
If a man says something, and his wife isn't there to hear him, is he still ...
No. 155, Posted by ecar on 02/02/00, 18:38 PST.
John, The tree makes sounds whether it stays up or falls. There is noth...
No. 144, Posted by narayan on 01/30/00, 02:24 PST.
Relax saskie, engineers need some entertainment from time to time, right? I...
No. 140, Posted by wuby on 01/28/00, 12:30 PST.
I think this is some type of philosophical question, and last time I checke...
No. 139, Posted by saskie on 01/28/00, 12:02 PST.
If no one is there, does anybody really care ?
No. 133, Posted by bala on 01/27/00, 08:54 PST.
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