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Message No. 13258, Started by medaq on 02/18/04
1st, Sorry for probaly asking a basic question for some on this forum. I am not a engineer but am trying to make something that needs a spring. We are having a problem where people turn a regulator to high and blow a solenoid.

optimal pressure is 65-85 psi for the solenoid, but can handle up to 110 ish psi. So what i want to make is a "T"  where the top of the T still handles flow to the solenoid well. But the perpendicular portion will go to a tube with a piston and spring. So when it gets over pressurized, the piston will move to a release hole. Venting the air instead of popping the solenoid. Only problem Is I need to keep this small, Like 3/8-1/2 diameter, maybe 1/2 long.

I went to the calculations area, but frankly I dont have this schooling to properly understand what I am giving the calculator for variables.

So if anyone can suggest a proper spring, or explain what I need for variables to figure this out on my own be much appreciated. Also need to figure out how much the piston will move to figure out where the vent hole will go.

2nd - Is there a affordable cfd software outthere that will accept parasolid files or iges. So I can check for flow problems and efficiency of air passages.

Thanks in advance Jim
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No. 13261, Posted by b1ueshift on 02/18/04, 18:49 PST.
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