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Message No. 13580, Started by kazi on 04/05/04
I'm working in gas field in Pakistan, we have 6-wellheads on which DP transmitters are installed with flanged tap orifice plates, for flow measurement. At processing side, we have also same configuration, here flow transmitters are showing correct flow and we are able to mass balance the plant. But at wellheads flow transmitters acumulated flow remais lower than total flow at plant. For example, at plant inlet flow meters shows 306 MMscfd, but at wellheads accumulated flow is 295 MMscfd, the difference of 10-11 MM. Wellheads orifice plates are not  designed at 2-Phase flow, is this a only reason? if not then please help me out?
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Blueshift: MMscfd stands for millions of standard cubic feet per day (of...
No. 13944, Posted by mbeychok on 05/22/04, 18:01 PST.
To expand on b1ueshift's comments, flow meters, as he said, are calibrated ...
No. 13596, Posted by acroduster1 on 04/06/04, 08:24 PST.
What is a MMscfd? I'm not sure of the details of your site, but orifice ty...
No. 13584, Posted by b1ueshift on 04/05/04, 16:26 PST.
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