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Message No. 136, Started by Jane Feng on 01/27/00
     Hi, I'm Jing.  I'm a senior in high school.  I'm working on a physics project, a mechanical powered car with a capability to go 17 feet crossing hills, sand, and uneven surface.  I have a few questions about the power source and related matters.
     1. Can I use gears to amlify the input force and the speed?
     2. Is wind-up spring a good power source?
     3. If the car is pretty light, will compressed air help or there is a big chance that it will turn the car over? Or can I use a propeller powered by twisted rubber band to be a supporting power source?
     4. In order to keep a car with relatively small mass in course, can I increase the weight of the lower part of the car?
     5. In order to reduce the friction, is it a good idea to use wheels used on the tank? ( These wheels will help when the car is on the sand.)
     Pretty much that's it.  Thanks to whoever provide suggestions to the above questions.
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Hi Jing, 1) Of course you can use gears to play the torque/speed game, b...
No. 138, Posted by dr funda on 01/27/00, 23:08 PST.
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