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Message No. 13712, Started by c_arivazhagan on 04/20/04
Hello all,

I am designing an integrated pump(s) operated by a single motor. One pump of washing and the other for draining. Our requirement is to make them to work independently (with single motor) for the following conditions.

1. Only one pump to be operated at a time
2. Both to be operated when required

All the above shd happen by electric or electronic control.

Kindly help me going for a mechanism which allows me to use single motor for 2 pumps with individual controls    
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Follow-up Messages (5)
You could use solenoid operated bypass valves that would allow either or bo...
No. 13823, Posted by fluidpower1 on 05/03/04, 09:21 PST.
The best way to see the idea in action is to go to a hobby shop that has hi...
No. 13801, Posted by acroduster1 on 04/30/04, 06:20 PST.
Hi Acroduster, I really appreciate your idea. But i want little more inf...
No. 13793, Posted by c_arivazhagan on 04/29/04, 20:42 PST.
Maybe a planetary gear setup with switches that hold one side or the other ...
No. 13717, Posted by acroduster1 on 04/21/04, 10:35 PST.
I can think of two options: 1. Mechanically connect & disconnect the pu...
No. 13714, Posted by b1ueshift on 04/20/04, 21:17 PST.
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