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Message No. 14165, Started by allahabadi on 06/23/04
I am looking to select a material between AlO and AlN to be used over temperature range 300 to 800 C. For me the thermal cunductivity and thermal expnsion is really important and I wanted to compare the the above parameters over the temperature range.
I could find the rewuired data for AlN but could not find it for AlO.
Can anyone poin to right place to look for the data.
I am a chemical engineer so please forgive me for my ignorance
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It has high coefficient of thermal expansion and thermal conductivity. Due ...
No. 22510, Posted by cynthiamyra on 06/02/16, 21:57 PST.
Hello Allahabadi! You may be able to find the properties you seek at the...
No. 14178, Posted by gearloose on 06/26/04, 08:19 PST.
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