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Message No. 14628, Started by taurusthetenacious on 09/25/04
       Ive always liked to take things apart, to fix them or to figure out how they work. But a problem that i encounter and something that always deters me from trying to take something apart is when there is a part clamped onto a  piece where i have to bend metal to separate them instead of removing screws.
       The problem with this is that if you bend and unbend a piece of metal too many times, all that strain causes fatigue in the part. When this is a possibility im usually sure that the part wont be as strong as it was before you took it apart.

What i want to know is What is it that causes fatigue?

Intuitively i think its just that as the metal heats it gets soft and afterwards is liable to break off the next time you try to bend it. Is this the case? or is it something else?

If its not that the metal is softer from the heat of being bent, then what is it? and what is it that i can do to reduce the metal's tendency to break off.
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Fatigue is caused by dislocation density building up to such a level that s...
No. 14656, Posted by timkom on 09/29/04, 17:27 PST.
well, that becomes kinda difficult when you're trying to remove the stress ...
No. 14646, Posted by taurusthetenacious on 09/28/04, 07:19 PST.
I would not say it is impossible to heat treat steel in a home shop. After ...
No. 14644, Posted by rorschach on 09/28/04, 06:16 PST.
I would agree that it is probably too difficult to heat treat steel in your...
No. 14643, Posted by b1ueshift on 09/27/04, 20:15 PST.
rorschach metal fatigue can be induced in perfect parts and perfect envi...
No. 14642, Posted by gerdb on 09/27/04, 18:45 PST.
To "heat treat" steel you need to get it hot enough so that the molecular b...
No. 14641, Posted by b1ueshift on 09/27/04, 16:10 PST.
The temperature required would make it difficult to do at home and might da...
No. 14640, Posted by b1ueshift on 09/27/04, 16:02 PST.
gerdb, when you find beach marks radiating from a focal point. that focal p...
No. 14638, Posted by rorschach on 09/27/04, 12:52 PST.
studying 2 semesters metallurgy, the teacher showed us the upper part of an...
No. 14637, Posted by gerdb on 09/27/04, 09:06 PST.
How can i find out how much heat i need to apply to "reset" the metal. I ha...
No. 14636, Posted by taurusthetenacious on 09/27/04, 09:04 PST.
when you bend a piece of metal, you stretch the molecular bonds that hold t...
No. 14634, Posted by rorschach on 09/27/04, 07:51 PST.
What is it then that makes it brittle? How can i remedy this effect(with t...
No. 14633, Posted by taurusthetenacious on 09/27/04, 06:07 PST.
Taurus, If you bend a piece of metal a few times, you can cause it to br...
No. 14629, Posted by b1ueshift on 09/26/04, 18:24 PST.
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