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Message No. 15792, Started by fellinbath on 04/11/05
I would like to analyse a bimetallic beam in ANSYS using BEAM 188. I believe this to be possible since it mentions in the help files that it can be done, but unfortunately they doesn't tell you how! I have managed to constructing a beam made from two different materials (defined by elastic and thermal expansion properties) by creating a cross-section. However when I apply a temperature to the beam (above or below the reference temperature) the beam simply expands/contracts i.e there is no coupling between the extension and bending. I am constraining the beams DOF's at the LHS.

I have managed to create a bimetallic strip using a coulped thermal and structural element (plane13) as outlined in the ANSYS helpfiles, ideally this needs to be achieved via the aformentioned method. Help!!
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