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Message No. 16420, Started by bsvacina on 07/07/05
I have an interview next week for an Industrial Engineer position. First job in the field. First thing I have to do is take a mechanical skills test. Never took one, don't know what it is about. Want to prepare but for what? . Can anyone fill me in?
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I've been thinking about the way a lot of people do Associates degre...
No. 16631, Posted by taurusthetenacious on 08/13/05, 07:14 PST.
Hi, Not so great what education do you have basically You can go thro...
No. 16516, Posted by rahul9355 on 07/19/05, 13:39 PST.
I too am flattered, even if I can't type to save my friggin hide....
No. 16450, Posted by rorschach on 07/11/05, 12:02 PST.
I would suggest you take the test seriously and learn something from it. W...
No. 16440, Posted by gerdb on 07/10/05, 21:56 PST.
I've said it before: I could only take the mix-up as a compliment.
No. 16436, Posted by rolschwarz on 07/08/05, 16:03 PST.
ROLSCHWARZ AND RORSHACH: My apologies to both of you. I was obviously...
No. 16435, Posted by cessna on 07/08/05, 15:30 PST.
I will take that advice! Thanks!
No. 16434, Posted by bsvacina on 07/08/05, 11:37 PST.
One bit of advice from a former professional "testing coach": Be well rest...
No. 16433, Posted by rolschwarz on 07/08/05, 10:43 PST.
I am not going to waste anymore time on that then and just worry about the ...
No. 16432, Posted by bsvacina on 07/08/05, 09:32 PST.
Actually Cessna, that was Rolscharz, not me... but he's right. there isn't ...
No. 16430, Posted by rorschach on 07/08/05, 06:38 PST.
I don't know. They sent an agenda and first I take the test, then I meet wi...
No. 16425, Posted by bsvacina on 07/07/05, 15:39 PST.
Thanks! I'll look online to see what I can find.
No. 16424, Posted by bsvacina on 07/07/05, 15:33 PST.
BSVACINA: Rorschach is right there is probably very little you can do. A ...
No. 16423, Posted by cessna on 07/07/05, 15:26 PST.
If the test is in a week, there is probably little you can learn in that ti...
No. 16421, Posted by rolschwarz on 07/07/05, 12:50 PST.
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