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Message No. 17443, Started by zaclevine on 04/13/06

         I was wondering if anyone had any experience with COTS
electronic vibration testing, specifically with the VME form factor.
What I'm not sure about is if I need to supply a chassis for it to
tested in, or should a custom jig be made for the test? I want to be
able to power the board and run a simple test while the environmental
testing is happing. How is this usually done? Any feedback would be


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Follow-up Messages (14)
ZAC:  Ideally the item under test has the same vibration profile as th...
No. 17515, Posted by cessna on 04/21/06, 08:31 PST.
Hi Dave,       The company I work for supplie...
No. 17513, Posted by zaclevine on 04/21/06, 07:19 PST.
ZAC:  Yes I was involved with setting up the environmental test facili...
No. 17498, Posted by cessna on 04/20/06, 09:14 PST.
Hi Dave,     I'm in Annapolis, Maryland. I've been work...
No. 17494, Posted by zaclevine on 04/19/06, 15:21 PST.
ZACLINE:  The defense people probably use NAVMAT 9492 spectrum for str...
No. 17492, Posted by cessna on 04/19/06, 15:07 PST.
Hi Dave,Well, I'm basing the vibration profiles off of industry best practi...
No. 17491, Posted by zaclevine on 04/19/06, 14:54 PST.
ZACLEVINE: I do not mean to be a wet blanket, but you are doing a lot. ...
No. 17490, Posted by cessna on 04/19/06, 14:43 PST.
Hi Dave,Fortunately, I won't have to do the actual testing but I do have to...
No. 17489, Posted by zaclevine on 04/19/06, 14:16 PST.
ZACLEVINE:  I would be careful of that.  Depending on the size/th...
No. 17488, Posted by cessna on 04/19/06, 14:04 PST.
Thanks for all your suggestions. One problem is my companies finished produ...
No. 17487, Posted by zaclevine on 04/19/06, 13:45 PST.
Cessna is right, there is a little bit of the black arts in the proper desi...
No. 17485, Posted by rorschach on 04/19/06, 13:35 PST.
I was once sitting in on a course on lasers in the physics department at my...
No. 17450, Posted by taurusthetenacious on 04/15/06, 00:20 PST.
I looked at the site, it looks like some interesting stuff, What I cant qui...
No. 17449, Posted by taurusthetenacious on 04/15/06, 00:10 PST.
ZAC: A lot of people think that you can stick somthing on a shaker and vibr...
No. 17446, Posted by cessna on 04/14/06, 08:46 PST.
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