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Message No. 17621, Started by 737guy on 05/16/06
I have a system with a single regenerative (ring compressor) blower running on a given system resistance.  If I need to double the flow in that system, will putting a second, equal regenerative blower in parallel to the first one do it?  If not, is there a way to calculate the percent increase in airflow?  Thanks.
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737GUY:  I have and sometimes use Mark's.  it is an okay handbook...
No. 17627, Posted by cessna on 05/16/06, 20:46 PST.
That Mark's reference looks really it really worth the money?&nb...
No. 17626, Posted by 737guy on 05/16/06, 20:23 PST.
737GUY:  In general - Yes.  To calculate or at least approxi...
No. 17622, Posted by cessna on 05/16/06, 13:53 PST.
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