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Message No. 17640, Started by s2fast4u on 05/19/06


I would like to know if someone can give me the formula I need to calculate the beam deflection of a simply supported beam (at the 2 ends) with 2 equals moment applicated at both ends.


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calclulate the moment at the two reference points (in one direction) this ...
No. 17750, Posted by akshayMIT on 06/26/06, 03:17 PST.
Why do you need it. I mean if you need such formula you are either engineer...
No. 17671, Posted by just_engineer on 05/26/06, 14:30 PST.
Yes - the moment diagram produced by adding an equal moment to each end of ...
No. 17662, Posted by acroduster1 on 05/23/06, 03:57 PST. a look, when you...
No. 17657, Posted by s2fast4u on 05/22/06, 18:41 PST.
b1ueshift is correct for a pin-fixed case, but the deflection will also not...
No. 17652, Posted by acroduster1 on 05/22/06, 04:27 PST.
The deflection is not symetrical because the slope of the beam is zero at t...
No. 17651, Posted by b1ueshift on 05/22/06, 00:29 PST.
If I have a beam pinned at one end and the other end is on a roller...........
No. 17650, Posted by s2fast4u on 05/21/06, 18:11 PST.
That will NOT give you the same deflection.  By the way, I have to cor...
No. 17649, Posted by acroduster1 on 05/21/06, 17:28 PST.
Hello, Thx for these informations.I'll try to put a ''double'' moment at on...
No. 17648, Posted by s2fast4u on 05/21/06, 16:46 PST.
Correction:  ML^4/(8EI)
No. 17647, Posted by acroduster1 on 05/21/06, 16:28 PST.
The magnitude will be:ML^2/(8EI)
No. 17646, Posted by acroduster1 on 05/21/06, 16:25 PST.
S2FAST4U:  Go to a handbook such as Mark's or a Civil Engineering Hand...
No. 17643, Posted by cessna on 05/19/06, 14:01 PST.
Moment at the left is CCW and the moment at the right is CW.  Hence, t...
No. 17642, Posted by s2fast4u on 05/19/06, 13:20 PST.
What direction are the moments?  Let us know if the left side is clock...
No. 17641, Posted by acroduster1 on 05/19/06, 11:24 PST.
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