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Message No. 18098, Started by sankar71 on 11/02/06
When calculating the air flow, the volume is expressed as nm3. I wanted to know what is the difference between nm3 and m3. Also what is the importance of the both.
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Thank You and that was a fantastic link explaining the answers, I was looki...
No. 18138, Posted by sankar71 on 11/12/06, 21:30 PST.
Ok, OK, I agree with your statement. But the treatment that I wanna to say ...
No. 18131, Posted by rcomunelo on 11/09/06, 03:05 PST.
Just_Engineer, your explanation makes sense.There is a standardised system ...
No. 18127, Posted by b1ueshift on 11/08/06, 14:18 PST.
What I mean to say is your statement "Treatment of gas is very complic...
No. 18126, Posted by just_engineer on 11/08/06, 13:57 PST.
OK, look:
No. 18124, Posted by rcomunelo on 11/08/06, 11:16 PST.
Sorry for temperatures at norma conditions. You is right: 0 ºC ant 1 a...
No. 18123, Posted by rcomunelo on 11/08/06, 11:15 PST.
Your posted messege does not make any sense.
No. 18122, Posted by just_engineer on 11/08/06, 11:10 PST.
First of all Normal condition is measured at 00C and 1 atm. pressure, also ...
No. 18121, Posted by just_engineer on 11/08/06, 11:06 PST.
Treatment of gas is very complicate. The pressure is present and temperatur...
No. 18120, Posted by rcomunelo on 11/08/06, 10:40 PST.
All right,  nm3 is a normal cubic meter. That is a volume of gas at at...
No. 18119, Posted by rcomunelo on 11/08/06, 10:37 PST.
Yes, One namometer in 10-9 m.I apologize for confusion.
No. 18110, Posted by just_engineer on 11/05/06, 07:24 PST.
I believe nm^3 is nanometers cubed.  That is 1 x 10^-9 m^3.  or e...
No. 18107, Posted by deajohn5556 on 11/03/06, 11:41 PST.
As far as I know, there is no significance of this unit. But if it is ...
No. 18104, Posted by just_engineer on 11/03/06, 06:22 PST.
Yes you are right. Thank you. But where does this nm3 come from and what is...
No. 18103, Posted by sankar71 on 11/02/06, 22:15 PST.
Air flow is measured as amount of air per time that isVolume of air per tim...
No. 18101, Posted by just_engineer on 11/02/06, 09:17 PST.
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