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Message No. 19715, Started by rapefunda on 04/30/08

Dear Gentlemen,

We are having an annoying problem of frequent shearing of our 1045 480mm diameter shaft that crushes the sugar cane. Due to limitation of the structure, the only option left is to upgrade the mat'l. Are we on the right decision of upgrading the 1045 to 4340? Second, what is the best heat treatment, hardness and tempering range for a high torque applications?

thank you.





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Ramil,  Sometimes this may happen due to stress concentrations in the ...
No. 19847, Posted by yiguer on 06/20/08, 16:29 PST.
Dr. D is right, of course, about the effect of section size.  You can'...
No. 19743, Posted by gearloose on 05/12/08, 18:55 PST.
UCAV, look at the section diameter. Do you have any sections approaching 0....
No. 19739, Posted by sdoughty11 on 05/11/08, 19:29 PST.
4340 is a better material. But 4340M (used in aerospace) is the beat choice...
No. 19724, Posted by UCAV on 05/07/08, 04:59 PST.
A better material might help your problem, but I doubt it.  It sounds ...
No. 19720, Posted by twirly on 05/03/08, 07:49 PST.
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