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Message No. 21184, Started by wj on 08/14/10

Hello everyone. I am in desperate need of some advice. I do large Christmas light displays and I try to grow each year. This year, I want make the center piece of my display massive. It is what we call a "Mega Tree". The I have used for the past three years has been fine, but the new design will be carrying A LOT more lights so I want some expert advice on my design before I go out and buy materials.

OK, the specs....

The tree will be 21 ft tall. Two sections, one section 15 ft, the top section, 9 ft.

The tubing to be used (what I think will work) is 6061 aluminum 2.5" diameter, .125" wall. Will be bought as two 12' sections, 3' cut off one section and then welded onto the other to get 15'. (I plan to use a piece of .065 tubing to sleeve inside for welding the sections together)

I will make a coupler/ light attachment point for the two sections out of 6061 billet.

Guy wire material

I have to make a "trelece" so to say (more on that in descrlption) on the lower section with this material

Here is a diagram of what the tree will look like.

The "trelece" on the lower section will be 16 evenly spaced wires for the spiral lights to rest on. There will be 64 strings of lights (1.5 lbs ea.) on this section.

The top section will have lights only, in a straight line top to bottom. There will be 128 light strings on this section (1.5 lbs ea.)

The 27' 10" and 16' 8" dims. are the guy wires. I plan to use four guy wires per location. I do think though, I need at least another set in the middle of the lower section.

The other lines is the light strings.

Here is a picture of the one I have used in the past, just for a visual of what this is.

So my question is, will the pole material hold this much weight? What about the guy wires? Any help / suggestions are appreciated.




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