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Message No. 21242, Started by ramang on 10/21/10

We are facing the problem of rusting of the steel parts after heat treatment in  the continuous furnace . we are doing the polymer quenching. Can any body suggest me about the particular rust inhibtor that we can use OR any process modifications that we can do to avoid the problem of rusting in polymer quench

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I found he was looking for, thank you guys for the info!
No. 22499, Posted by mali90 on 05/18/16, 09:14 PST.
You could try copper plating part before heat treat and stripping afterward...
No. 21382, Posted by clayarobinson on 03/19/11, 21:55 PST.
Most polymer quenchants contain a corrosion inhibition package (either nitr...
No. 21351, Posted by faulkner17 on 03/01/11, 09:13 PST.
Rust is caused by oxidation. If you take a piece of iron and you spray or p...
No. 21350, Posted by krislou80 on 02/28/11, 19:10 PST.
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