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Message No. 2227, Started by ntreder on 06/01/00
Dr. Funda,

I have another question.  Concerning IZOD units, how would I convert 9.5 kJ/m^2 to ft-lb/in?  Thank you ahead of time.

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No. 20277, Posted by owainsx on 01/23/09, 12:50 PST.
Ok, if you really want to be scientific about the clamp, you could first sc...
No. 20276, Posted by dr funda on 01/23/09, 11:34 PST.
I have the standard  and I'm try to follow by my final project I...
No. 20267, Posted by owainsx on 01/22/09, 13:01 PST.
Hello,To build a testing apparatus per ASTM D256 specs, you will need to ge...
No. 20266, Posted by dr funda on 01/22/09, 11:19 PST.
Hi again and thanks for your fast answer,As part of my final project I need...
No. 20265, Posted by owainsx on 01/21/09, 12:52 PST.
Hello,Yes, mathematically, J/m gives you Newton. But IZOD impact strength t...
No. 20264, Posted by dr funda on 01/21/09, 11:42 PST.
Hi.little question about the J/m unitsif I divide J/m it equals to Newtons ...
No. 20260, Posted by owainsx on 01/21/09, 01:56 PST.
There are two ways to do the Izod test. Using ASTM D 256 as the standard, ...
No. 2294, Posted by dr funda on 06/02/00, 19:50 PST.
Hi ntreder, I looked at Ticona's website and noticed that there seem to...
No. 2286, Posted by daffodil on 06/02/00, 16:22 PST.
Dora- I would like to thank you for trying to help, but I am saddened to...
No. 2282, Posted by ntreder on 06/02/00, 11:56 PST.
First of all, the unit kJ/m^2 and ft-lb/in are in DIFFERENT dimensions. The...
No. 2254, Posted by dora on 06/01/00, 19:46 PST.
Yes, the units are correct as they stand. I have done some research on the...
No. 2243, Posted by ntreder on 06/01/00, 14:29 PST.
Well, one blunder I made was to drop the ^2 behind the meters in your origi...
No. 2239, Posted by gearloose on 06/01/00, 13:06 PST.
Gearloose- Thanks for the reply, but it seems as if that figure is not ...
No. 2234, Posted by ntreder on 06/01/00, 11:56 PST.
The Unit calculator of Dr. Funda shows that 9500 Joules equals 7006.84 foot...
No. 2231, Posted by gearloose on 06/01/00, 10:06 PST.
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