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Message No. 22325, Started by jouior on 10/29/14

Tapered roller bearings are precision components, but also need to be cautious accordingly. Anyway, if you use the improper use of high performance bearing without getting expected performance. The use of tapered roller bearing the note below.

First of all, support for taper roller bearing and a clean environment

Even the naked eye tiny dust particles in the cone roller bearing, bearing wear, has increased the vibration and noise. SKF Bearing Structure and peripheral accessories must be kept clean, especially the grime, tools and environment must be kept clean, too.

Second, installation, care

Do not allow the powerful punch, are not allowed to use hammer percussion bearing directly, not allowed to transfer, tapered roller pressure.

Third, the use of appropriate and accurate installation tools

Use special tools as far as possible, avoid using cloth class and short fiber this stuff.

Fourth, to prevent corrosion of taper roller bearing

Tapered roller bearing directly, to fully wash the hands and feet, fruit juice and ochre for high quality oil again after surgery, especially in the rainy season and summer pay attention to rust. However, in some special conditions of use, bearing life can release is more traditional computing, especially the light load condition. These special conditions of use, when the rolling surface (orbit) and oil volume unit membrane separation efficiency and the limitation of pollutants may result in failure surface. In fact, under ideal conditions, the possibility of the so-called fixed cone roller bearing life.

According to the use of parts and conditions of use and environmental conditions, choose appropriate dimension precision, match of taper roller bearings bearings provide resources and feasibility.

1, use parts: tapered roller bearing with radial load application information and joint load, usually in two sets of bearing pair is used, should be mainly active bevel gear in automotive transmission parts, differential, drum, reducer, etc.

2, can be properly installed speed: good lubrication conditions allow, the tapered roller bearing limit rotational speed is 0.3-0.5 times. Under normal circumstances, to 20 times the speed limit is most appropriate.

3, allow: oblique cone roller bearings do not allow the shaft relative to average breakthrough with sloping, such as tilt, no more than 2 ', maximum.

4, allows temperature: being normal load and lubrication performance, with high temperature resistance, good lubrication condition, usually circular cone roller bearings allow - 30 ? to 15 ? ambient temperature.

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