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Message No. 22354, Started by ksandlinnc on 01/09/15

I'm trying to calculate cfm for melted aluminum passing through a venturi nozzle at 90 psi.

I can eventually determine the dimensions of the nozzle to get those necessary figures for the existing calculator. However, I am missing some things and ignorant of others.

Here's what I can determine on my own (TBD), what I know, and what I am completely clueless about:

upstream diameter Da- TBD

Diameter of the venturi neck Db- TBD

Pressure difference measured by Venturi  Dp- ummm..what? And what's a Pa?

Fluid Density r- (avg) 2600 kg/m^3

Discharge Coefficient  C- how?...what?

Upstream Pressure Tap- Pa ????????

Downstream Pressure Tap Pb?????

I also don't understand what that little p is or the weird u (unless it's the expected value from statistics) represent in some of the equations. ANY help would be greatly appreciated.



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