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Message No. 22363, Started by roshana on 03/15/15

Hi, Not too sure how to even ask the question but shall explain what I am trying to do.  I need to place a water tank on a I section frame.  I need to know the size of I sections I must use.  My frame will be 7ft by 12ft (as I am putting on existing posts). I will be laying 2, 12ft I sections on posts and lay 3, 7 ft I sections perpendicularly.  I will have a steel plate on the structure and keep a water tank.  Total weight on structure will be 1800kg.  My current plan was to use 6inx3in I sections but they are very expensive and want to see if I can use a smaller size.  Please help in either calculating the correct size or even better if someone can tell me the size I should use.  Thanks.

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Hi Roshana, i dont understand with 5 sections how you re going to make a s...
No. 22457, Posted by lingesh on 07/10/15, 04:39 PST.
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