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Message No. 22446, Started by ttry on 06/28/15

  Uniform wrapping pressure induced by one layer of wire rope wounding around the drum can be estimated as

P=F/Rm b

P is the line pull tension at each th layer

Rm is the radius of turns of wire rope on drum (PCD/2)

b is the wire rope diameter



This assumes uniform pressure estimated from the wrapped wire rope but in reality due to stiffness and friction the line pull tension will reduce in the following coils so it shall be some sort of pressure distribution formed. In addition, there are no proven formula (rather theoretical or using design factor) to calculate multi-layers of wire rope wrapping pressure.

I started modelling this in Ansys/ Abaqus. Does anyone knows or have experiences in this:

1) How do I model the wire ropes (I.E including solid elements of wire rope in 3D geometry)? In Ansys, what module I can use (ie static structural)?

2) What parameters  do I need to model  (I.E frictions between wire rope and between drum body and 1st layer of wire rope/ axial and tangential stiffness of wire rope)?

3) What contact interaction properties and modelling methods are available for this?)



Attached diagram for your references. Thanks for your opinions and sharing.

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