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Message No. 3304, Started by crackerjack on 08/13/00
Gentlemen, What is the difference between a Positive Ground and a Negative Ground? This is for installing a car stereo.
regards, CrackerJack
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Yes doctor, thanks and sorry to be so annoying. but, if we didn't ask "why?...
No. 3360, Posted by crackerjack on 08/15/00, 19:27 PST.
The short answer: Theoretically there is no advantage between negative ...
No. 3342, Posted by dr funda on 08/15/00, 09:37 PST.
Thanks doc, I am good to go on that part now. But is there still any differ...
No. 3336, Posted by crackerjack on 08/14/00, 22:09 PST.
It does not matter, whether you connect the negative line to the negative t...
No. 3334, Posted by dr funda on 08/14/00, 19:38 PST.
Thanks art, but does this mean... the negative line goes to a negative post...
No. 3332, Posted by crackerjack on 08/14/00, 19:33 PST.
I think there is less electrical noise in a negative ground system. Also it...
No. 3325, Posted by art2000 on 08/14/00, 18:49 PST.
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