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Message No. 7934, Started by agreen on 09/28/01
I am trying to find a screw to drive into 1075 spring steel with a Rockwell hardness of 44-47 "C" scale.  Every screw I have tried has been stripped out due to the hardness of this metal.  I need a short screw, preferrebly a number 8 with AB threads.  If anyone has any suggestions please let me know.
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You can also "spot anneal" the metal with a soldering iron. Be sure to prot...
No. 8652, Posted by tiberius on 02/22/02, 23:05 PST.
How thick is your steel spring? Punch a hole in which is the minor diameter...
No. 7937, Posted by art2000 on 09/28/01, 18:46 PST.
Hi Auston: If you need or want to "trhead" a screw into 1075 spring: it ...
No. 7936, Posted by devitg on 09/28/01, 17:48 PST.
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