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Message No. 8829, Started by kyle on 03/19/02
I am starting to build for my school project a 205ltr barrel crusher.

I have two plates 1Mtrx1mtr sqaure 50mm thick which the wieght will total 700kgs.  With the wieght of the hydraulic cylinder  and crushing plate it could total 1.5tonnes.
My qeustion is i have  100x100 5mm box section 150mm long, in each corner, would these four supports hold the wieght.  Could you show me the way to work this problem out.

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Follow-up Messages (2)
Hi Neil Thanks for your help with this information. regards Kyle.
No. 8845, Posted by kyle on 03/20/02, 13:36 PST.
Hi Kyle, According to my book on `Member Capacities` for hollow sections...
No. 8832, Posted by neil moran on 03/19/02, 14:25 PST.
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