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Message No. 96, Started by pranga on 01/21/00
basically in communication especially in microwaves, maths plays a major role. Components have been modelled and devised based on mathematics. The mathematics is basically bessel untions or many other complex functions. My question is how did one discover the  mathematics-engineering correlation and practically design the compenents which r used for transmitting microwave signlas at low loss. Say for example, if u take any book on electromagnetics...a detailed mathematics will be given . If v practically try to implement based on the design formulae everything works amazingly fine But how did this relationship come. See, microwavees one cant visualise but mathematically it has been visualised, graphs and wave patterns have been plotted either as exponential or cosine or whatever function it might be...can u explain on this?
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Wow, sounds like a big question. But seriously, mathematics in this context...
No. 97, Posted by dr funda on 01/21/00, 11:43 PST.
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