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Message No. 98, Started by brianc on 01/21/00
I always remembered that the max resting friction force is equal to the friction coefficient X the normal force applied to the object.  A big question that they always hammered us in school was that the surface area had nothing to do with the friction force (per the formula).  Like all students, we had little time to second guess the teacher, but I always thought this was not true.  I mean, look at all the examples in today's world: wider tires for more traction, tops spinning on a pin head to minimize friction, etc.  Were my teachers wrong, or are the equations that they gave us the ones that were over simplified?
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Hello brianc, Your teachers were right when it comes to rigid-body conta...
No. 99, Posted by dr funda on 01/21/00, 15:17 PST.
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