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Message No. 22203, Started by nickdreyer7 on 05/12/14


Any ideas how to solve a simply support beam so that both reactions are the same.

NOTE: you have a uniform distributed load on top of a fixed lenght how far must it shift so that the reactions is equal?

any ideas will help,

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I agree with  the other 2 answers. Simply having a symmetrical loading...
No. 22210, Posted by ilkierro on 05/26/14, 11:10 PST.
Yes, I agree.  For the reactions to be equal the distributed load has ...
No. 22206, Posted by deajohn5556 on 05/19/14, 14:06 PST.
if i understood your question correctly, there are only two variables, reac...
No. 22205, Posted by adityajha36 on 05/16/14, 07:53 PST.
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