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Message No. 22231, Started by shaharudin on 06/22/14


Appreciate if anyone could help me to determine the formula to estimate the max deflection of a fully fixed square slab centrally loaded. I found one, wmax = 0.009167FL^2/(Eh^3) but it doesn't work for my model. 

Thank you very much




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Follow-up Messages (3)
Best source is Roark and Young, Formulas for Stress and Strain, 5th Ed, McG...
No. 22242, Posted by deajohn5556 on 07/01/14, 11:52 PST.
Could you cite a reference for this formula?  I'm looking for somethin...
No. 22241, Posted by mark_proulx on 06/28/14, 15:20 PST.
If you mean a central concentrated load the equation is   wmax = .06...
No. 22239, Posted by deajohn5556 on 06/24/14, 08:05 PST.
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