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Message No. 22268, Started by Jouior on 08/07/14

Many customers to use sliding bearing, bearing failure, lead to bearing testing standards and affect the operation of mechanism, find their own. Therefore, we must use of sliding bearing, sliding bearing, in order to study often some fault, fault is mainly the following family.

1, tile surface corrosion: spectrum analysis found that non-ferrous metal element concentration is unusual, in a lot of bearing bearing Alexander micronstructured particle wear non-ferrous metal elements; Oil moisture content, acidity medal of the knights.

2, cervical surface corrosion: spectrum analysis found that iron concentration is unusual, bearing, bearing of a number of glands that the oil moisture Alexander medal of micron particles or acid.

3, tile surface peeling: see many existing bearing fatigue spalling wear particle size alloy layer, crushed grain.Two major categories of bearing preload method

4, tile back wear: spectrum analysis found that iron concentration is unusual, bearing wear a lot of iron composition of micron particles, lubricating oil moisture and acid.

5, bearing, a bearing surface strain index: existing cutting grinding grain, powder non-ferrous metal parts.

6, on the surface of the journal bearing iron series: pulling cutting grinding grain or black oxide particles, metal surface oxidation color.

7, bearing tile burning: large-scale bearing alloy grits and black metal oxide.

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