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Message No. 22275, Started by bsauser on 08/18/14

I was asked the other day if I coud calculate the impact force of mechanical jars downhole? Let me explain. I work in the oil field in slickline we run various tools into the wellbore or through the tubing. On everyone of our tool strings we run jars which we use to beat up or beat down. to manipulate tools. They are what give us our impact forces but we have never tried to calculate them because you cant get an exact number based on so many parmeters. But I wanted to creat a simple problem and see if I could get some advice. I was latch on to something so im stationary the I move 30 inches up at 300 ft/s. The parameters:

tool weight: 170 lbs

wellbore fluid: 8.33 lb/gal

Tubing: 2.992 in ID

deviation: 20deg

Is there a way I can figure out my impact forces? I have some formulas and some ideas but before I post all that and make it any more confusing I would appreciate some feedback or thoughts on which direction to go.


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