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Message No. 22299, Started by jouior on 09/08/14

Slippage damage more rapid turnover. Therefore, early prevention sliding steps. Sliding steps to quickly reduce the life expectancy repair damaged, reliable, and level. Daily maintenance motor, therefore, it's also worth pointing out is that surface bearing alloy border affairs minister and abnormal wear and tear, or signs of 50%, and take steps to improve the working condition of bearing, focus on the sliding bearing early to prevent damage.

1 round of coaxial cable and diesel YuanDu measurement. Expected to ozone hole axis, here with diesel fixed bearing need coaxial cable and a more specific level ZhouWa crankshaft beat conduction parallel main line thickness, oil reached an agreement through consultation. Roller diesel, vanuatu, such as carrier layer in front of the building should be extended to iron crankshaft, range less than 14 mm, steel crankshaft... No more than 12 mm, and please YuanDu holes, will a bearing seat. For example, if so, it is forbidden to use the method (namely after chopped, download many DanFen crankshaft bearing, withdraw the ZhouWa hard treatment, size measuring project immediately after change, to ensure that the use of the water pump is reliable. Have any influence on vibration bearing structure

2, improve the quality of service and the strict control of the mechanical assembly, the turnover. Quality assurance and bearing, and conniving at the full 5 point positioning;

3, shells provide them with 0.5 to 0.5 mm, it can also provide elastic carpet and close joint hole assembly;

4, further, exploration and distorted the appeal; Unskilled parallel car rocker is prohibited

In this necessary 5, the two chair cushion nest 30 to 50 mm GaoCha face flow assurance NiuJu Mr Visser, as needed, to make up for the cushion tightly after bolt friction bearing lock, diarrhea, cooling and bearing to prevent the loss of Fourier transform;

Method - 6, bearing trigger a memory about 85% to 75% of the standard printing contact and not in the neck and satisfy this requirement.

In addition, 7, neck and bearing processing drill, strictly abide by the standard of technical quality, caused by a lack of maintenance installation method NiuJu bumpy or contract of bolts and quickly set up tensions in turn.

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