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Message No. 11543 posted by gerdb on 07/01/03 22:55 PST
This is a reply to message No. 11537
If matter and energy are interchangable, is your term "imagination" and theory interchangable?

theory is an application of .... imagination to a problem caused by .... lack of ... imagination.

we as humans lack imagination and create our own world according to what we are able to imagine

other civilizations may imagine space ships travelling interdimensionally, flying saucers, while we are inte nt on staying in a time-space-energy-matter type universe with our imagination.

Imagination is the common denominator between our civilizations.

But even that hypothetical "other" civilization is limited.

If we believe in an ever expanding universe because we create it in our imagination, we may eventually end up with each galaxy becomming isolate from the other and be in their own universe

it may behove us "not" to imagine certain things and chose others instead. The bible stresses that "believe" is the strongest of all forces.
We "believe" in this here our universe, so it exists for us collectively.

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We certainly are limited as a species. What we each believe is what our lim...
No. 11545, Posted by thoughttrain on 07/02/03, 06:56 PST.

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