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Message No. 22652 posted by amenghani on 07/19/17 19:50 PST

Hi all 

I need some help! I am working on a new side table design and wanted to know how do I go about in calculating the stresses and strength requirements.

It's a circular table (diameter is 413mm), has three flat bars (evenly spaced at 130 degree) for support to the base plate. The weight of the table top is 12 kgs. I wanted to find out what should the thickness be for the flat bar to ensure it does not fail. The flat/frame is made of 316 Steel. 

Any help or advise will be appreciated.



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Hi Amit, I think a steel frame calculator will help you determine the thick...
No. 22668, Posted by eng_moore on 12/29/17, 03:41 PST.
If you understand the loading distribution on the frame you can use one of ...
No. 22653, Posted by gd&t_consultant on 08/03/17, 11:51 PST.

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