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Message No. 12813 posted by ozogg on 12/13/03 05:34 PST
This is a reply to message No. 12809
In reply to b1ueshift, msg:12809.

You assert (without any discussion, let alone proof) that angular displacement (say, for example,  10degrees CW, from the standard reference of +X axis) is a vector


this displacement has direction AND magnitude.

Sure, 10degrees is a magnitude.

But CW is a planar (scalar) term, not a direction, for how can this "CW" be expressed in terms of base vectors ?  It is irrelevant what system of base vectors we use, i,j,k (Cartesian) or Spherical, or Cylindrical, etc.

Go see my reply, ozogg:msg: 12812, to acroduster:msg: 12768.

Doesn't anyone read fundamental maths texts anymore, let alone maths encyclopedias ?

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While I'm not an expert on mathematics, anyone can have an opinion. I don'...
No. 12814, Posted by b1ueshift on 12/14/03, 03:19 PST.

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