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Message No. 18816 posted by gerdb on 06/01/07 16:56 PST
This is a reply to message No. 18798

i would make the roller from a 3/16 dowel pin and grind the ends down  to 2 mm making it a single piece

I also would not use plastic bushings, i would use bronze bushings, or other metal, not plastic, because plastic deforms so there is little control (this deformation is not
easy to observe)

being a machinist, i know they don't hold tolerances as required, that could be another big factor in the creation of noise

quality control most important even if some checking tools are bought and bad parts rejected 

i would not look so much for a design change, but increase the quality and tolerances, tightening everything up

also, a suitable cover (noise absorbing) may reduce the noise some more

office politics surely get in the way somewhere

only then can design changes be considered

my opinion (50 years machineshop experience, apprenticeship, engineering courses)


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Hi everyone, Thanks for the additional feedback. Actually, this is a ...
No. 18817, Posted by john2005 on 06/01/07, 19:39 PST.

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