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UserName: devitg
Name: Gabriel Calos De Vit
Occupation Mechanical technician
Specialty: FIXTURES
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friction factor
Over what surface???
Posted 07/18/06 09:23 PST
Request for advice regarding manufacture of a spring anchor (with...
Posted 07/06/06 17:28 PST
Sheet metal
Posted 07/06/06 16:58 PST
Planetray gearing
Hi, you can upload your PDF to , and put here t...
Posted 06/27/06 18:53 PST
Removing moisture from closed-loop system
Could you broad your case . What is the process?it is on a r...
Posted 05/30/06 13:35 PST
seeking creative engineers with a desire to TEACH!
please see here
Posted 05/30/06 13:28 PST
how can I find trigonometric table values for degrees in MS excel...
This kind of function lives in the Exell and prior spreadsheets s...
Posted 04/08/06 15:24 PST
Cooling Channel Design Question
A picture or image, worth  1000 words. Do you have a DW...
Posted 04/04/06 10:09 PST
Volume of diesel fuel:
 You have to get the expansion thermal coefficient. You...
Posted 03/18/06 16:27 PST
Questions regarding maximum yield stress for standard hardened st...
Single shear strength is 130,000 is the solution your pi...
Posted 03/03/06 16:30 PST
Refrigeration and night covers..
Seem to be a dark shielded or insulated curtain to close the fron...
Posted 03/03/06 16:16 PST
Vacuum Vessel Design
vol VIII deals with it , it is call vessel under external pressur...
Posted 12/18/05 17:53 PST
thermocouple cleaning
what thermocouple? what contamination or dirt?
Posted 10/16/05 19:43 PST
why the progressive change in pipe diameter in pneumatic transpor...
When handling any fluid , if you add or rest flow make to change ...
Posted 10/05/05 18:30 PST
Steels affected by heat
Hi 737guy , to be so intempestive in your post, could make hard t...
Posted 10/05/05 18:25 PST
Request for material recommendation for miniature plane sleeve bu...
Give a trip here
Posted 09/02/05 10:16 PST
heli coil or thread length
To avoid loose due vibration , better use a lock whaser or tye it...
Posted 08/26/05 05:08 PST
Request for material recommendation for miniature plane sleeve bu...
Why not to use a sinterized bronze prelub bushing??? What is the...
Posted 08/25/05 20:16 PST
Expansion / Contraction of Ice
Where the plumbing code , does not exist, we see broken pipes by ...
Posted 08/21/05 19:27 PST
Expansion / Contraction of Ice
Water get it's small volume at 4°C , it is why the ice break pipe...
Posted 08/16/05 19:15 PST
density of bone by archimedes' principle
also you can coat the bone with a paint
Posted 08/14/05 10:34 PST
Electric panel Cooling
look at here please
Posted 08/14/05 10:32 PST
Definition or any information for the following geometric entitie...
Seem to be all this are ACAD related topics. If so use the ACAD ...
Posted 08/04/05 12:49 PST
thread specification
Yes , it was a brain typo, the hands go faster than mind.
Posted 08/04/05 11:18 PST
thread specification
Your rod is quite near a 3/16 " [3.75 mm] , so you can therad a...
Posted 08/03/05 18:33 PST
need chemical specs for AR400...
A simple google search :
Posted 08/02/05 09:09 PST
need chemical specs for AR400...
Try at
Posted 08/01/05 16:18 PST
sulcated springs?
Posted 07/31/05 18:17 PST
thermogradient table
I need to make a thermogradient table for 0°C to 50° C , I have r...
Posted 07/10/05 18:22 PST
Please help: Marking for nut and bolt assembly to trace moves
I do not kown what it was , but a small drop of sintetic or nail ...
Posted 06/04/05 21:33 PST
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