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Basic Information
UserName: dr funda
Name: Dr. Funda
Location: Sunnyvale, CA, USA
Occupation Engineering Consultant
Specialty: Mechanical Engineering
Profile Summary
Dr. Funda's mission is to aid in the creation of an online destination for the engineering community, where working professionals can quickly find a variety of information to solve complex design problems.

Posts by dr funda
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Really need a New Efunda Calculator
Dear Tashcraft,Thank you for the suggestion. The calculator you s...
Posted 01/31/06 00:42 PST
LaPlace transform of sin(3t)*u(t)?
Yes, that would be the case. Since the Laplace transform integrat...
Posted 11/11/05 11:05 PST
Dr. Funda, purge spam or purge memberships.
Dear Rolschwarz, You are right. It is our responsibility to ke...
Posted 04/26/05 21:55 PST
why flexural modulus is given as a material data
Dear Chandrans, The physical significance of the flexural modu...
Posted 10/07/04 21:20 PST
why flexural modulus is given as a material data
Dear Chandrans, A similar question was raised a while back and...
Posted 10/06/04 15:14 PST
MRP systems
Dear Rorschach, Without knowing specifically what your criteri...
Posted 04/26/04 18:10 PST
Dear Cessna, The formula you use is exactly what we give, but ...
Posted 02/24/04 23:57 PST
Battery Backup
Hello, Rorschach's calculation is basically correct, but that ...
Posted 07/23/03 01:15 PST
Flexural modulus??
Dear janghoon, Within servicable ranges, plastic material prop...
Posted 06/16/03 17:32 PST
I Beam Deflection
Hi, I know eFunda does not have everything, but Steel S Sectio...
Posted 05/27/03 12:11 PST
Industry news
Dear tckinch, Sorry about the overlook. The update engine cras...
Posted 03/11/03 14:07 PST
Converting pounds per square foot tp Pascals
Dear Milt, How are you doing these days? Here is the step-by-s...
Posted 02/21/03 01:47 PST
about Hermnite-Gaussian basis function
What's wrong with what's on eFunda? It may not be the most comple...
Posted 05/23/02 10:18 PST
I need help figuring a problem on a balanced system of concurrent...
Diana, The picture has been posted to your original message. W...
Posted 04/02/02 13:33 PST
I need help figuring a problem on a balanced system of concurrent...
Dear Diana, If you could send us the picture to drfunda@efunda...
Posted 04/02/02 11:06 PST
Pendulum Deflection
Dear uofeh, Oh, you mean the max deflection DURING IMPACT? Sor...
Posted 03/16/02 15:16 PST
hi all
Dear Phil, I don't know if there's a Chemistry equivalent of e...
Posted 03/15/02 20:02 PST
Pendulum Deflection
Dear uofeh, Let me make sure that I understand your question c...
Posted 03/15/02 19:45 PST
Motorcycle Horsepower
Dear Lance, There are a few factors that contribute to the big...
Posted 03/15/02 09:38 PST
Uniform Load, Beam Diagram Calculator
Dear Sir, Ok, this is much more clear. Since you have 500 lbf ...
Posted 02/22/02 10:36 PST
Uniform Load, Beam Diagram Calculator
Dear Sir, The p should have a unit of force/length, that is, t...
Posted 02/22/02 09:06 PST
Pressure Gradient for Fluid Flow
Hello mahoward, Although I'm not sure what you meant by moving...
Posted 02/14/02 07:27 PST
Pressure Vs Stress
Hi sisr, Pressure and stress are physically similar things, ho...
Posted 02/14/02 07:22 PST
Function of inertia block
Dear mbgm8ccl, Short answer: No. Without the inertia mass the ...
Posted 11/14/01 22:12 PST
This will make you happy, e-funda
Dear Narayan and all, Thanks for all your support, we could no...
Posted 10/29/01 22:28 PST
dry powder inhaler
Dear mechdon, When using most commercial inhalers, dry powder ...
Posted 10/24/01 16:01 PST
Surface area and volume of intersecting cylinders
Hello, This calculation will be very easy if the cylinders mee...
Posted 09/05/01 18:26 PST
Ergent need for a fourier transform.
Dear Mehrnoosh, The inverse Fourier transform for w/sqrt(1-w^2...
Posted 08/28/01 11:18 PST
Serious Curve Fitting
Dear Karan, Thank you for your data. After plotting the histog...
Posted 08/21/01 16:51 PST
Pressure losses
Hello Spike, If the pipes are connected in series then the res...
Posted 08/17/01 12:12 PST
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