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stack design in case of furnaces
For stack design you can refer any good book on furnaces. For eg...
Posted 05/23/02 20:55 PST
Chromium in steel
sir, Iam a student and i have a little doubt on the alloying ele...
Posted 05/23/02 00:01 PST
steel specifications
sir, I would like to know how the experts in the field of metall...
Posted 05/19/02 00:55 PST
steel specifications
sir, I would like to know how the experts in the field of metall...
Posted 05/19/02 00:52 PST
ADI(austempering of ductile iron)
Thanks gearloose for your valuable help. lakhtin
Posted 05/16/02 20:09 PST
ADI(austempering of ductile iron)
Can any one in the engineering community of efunda would care to ...
Posted 05/16/02 01:41 PST
sir, kindly refera book on polymer proceesing by "morton jones" ...
Posted 05/11/02 00:05 PST
Material Science
sir, there arefew books you can refer to clear your doubts rega...
Posted 05/10/02 23:33 PST
Furnaces used in Metallurgical Processes
sir, regarding any metallurgical furnace you can get information ...
Posted 05/10/02 22:41 PST
Difference of SG iron, Cast iron, & steel
sir, diference between S.G iron and F.G iron lies in the shape o...
Posted 05/10/02 21:47 PST
Spheroidal Graphite iron (SG iron) Vs Grey cast iron
sir, iam a student so the following text i based on the understa...
Posted 05/08/02 02:17 PST
carbon potential and activity of a atmosphere
sir, for case carburizing the carbon potential (cp) should be in...
Posted 05/02/02 22:17 PST
Effect of heat teatment on Youngs modulus
sir, being a student as i don't have much of the practicle exper...
Posted 05/02/02 22:07 PST
Effect of sand casting?
hello sir your problem seems to be a bit practical one. Being a...
Posted 05/02/02 10:15 PST
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