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Basic Information
UserName: rorschach
Name: Stan Burton
Location: Spring, Texas
Occupation Mechanical/Electromechanical Designer
Specialty: currently involved with ROV design
Profile Summary
I am a Mech/Electromech Designer with 15 years exp. in multiple disciplines including Downhole oil tools & Industrial computers and automation. I currently design ROV's and equip. I am an information junkie and I find material science fascinating.
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A hot wire Anemometer should be fairly easy to construct as well,...
Posted 04/19/06 13:16 PST
what is the difference between a fan and a blower?
I seem to recall seeing a similar question some time back.  ...
Posted 04/19/06 13:09 PST
Stray Current Corrosion and Reinforced Concrete
The steel support structures of the bridge abutments were damaged...
Posted 03/16/06 10:40 PST
Stray Current Corrosion and Reinforced Concrete
By the way, electricity only follows the skin of an object when y...
Posted 03/15/06 06:16 PST
Stray Current Corrosion and Reinforced Concrete
The concern is that concrete is not impermeable to water and may ...
Posted 03/15/06 06:14 PST
Stray Current Corrosion and Reinforced Concrete
Here in Houston we have an issue that has been milling about in t...
Posted 03/15/06 05:54 PST
difference b/w active and control
I Think you mean what is the difference between a passive and an ...
Posted 03/14/06 10:47 PST
which is better?
You forgot to tell us something very important, (and you probably...
Posted 03/14/06 10:45 PST
What is the advantage of Reduced Shank Studs
To add to Cessna's answer, I would agree it is for uniform streng...
Posted 02/07/06 10:35 PST
Expansion/Contraction problem in Acrylic solid surface materials.
Do not forget the possibility that the cutter itself will be gene...
Posted 02/07/06 10:31 PST
Chequered Plate
I believe this is another name for tread plate. It is made by rol...
Posted 01/31/06 09:51 PST
oxygen -gasoline cutting torch
besides, gasoline is non-compressible and would require a power s...
Posted 01/09/06 06:50 PST
oxygen -gasoline cutting torch
oxygen and gasoline are a dangerous mix. they spontaneously combu...
Posted 01/09/06 06:49 PST
Transformers Funda!
in basic terms a transformer is two coils of wire adjacent to eac...
Posted 01/05/06 14:02 PST
incinerator refractory - lifespan vs temperature cycling
My background is pretty diverse, I've done rolling mill equipment...
Posted 12/21/05 19:06 PST
Motor speed control
If the motor is a conventional 3 phase AC motor, you can use eith...
Posted 12/21/05 09:21 PST
incinerator refractory - lifespan vs temperature cycling
Bob, like you I don't think this is a good idea but I don't have ...
Posted 12/21/05 09:18 PST
Wiring of Fog Lights
the issue with 6 vs 12 volts is an non-issue in this case, explor...
Posted 12/21/05 09:09 PST
Fluoro plating ?
Generally speaking, platings and coatings (what you are talking a...
Posted 12/21/05 09:02 PST
powder metallurgy or conventional machining
powder metallurgy parts not only can be made to at or near net sh...
Posted 10/11/05 12:39 PST
Steels affected by heat
Thanks, that got me there.... My boss spring $500 for a book? you...
Posted 10/11/05 08:35 PST
retained austinite
Damn! that was an excellent explanation! if this place had stars ...
Posted 10/11/05 07:40 PST
Zinc chromating - Reg
cessna, it isn't a paint, it is usually electroplated then conver...
Posted 10/11/05 07:30 PST
Steels affected by heat
Hey gearloose, I tried a search on ASIST for both MMPDS-01 and Mi...
Posted 10/11/05 07:23 PST
Is hollow pipe stronger than solid round stock?
Mechanical Cad, your welding engineer is no engineer, he is an id...
Posted 10/11/05 07:10 PST
density of bone by archimedes' principle
He was trying to ascertain the density of bone by comparing the v...
Posted 10/03/05 14:21 PST
Human Body Model
if the intent is a clearance/ergonomics check. there are a few mo...
Posted 09/26/05 09:50 PST
Process of making Guide ways for machines
Gerdb might be a bit tounge-in-cheek there, but he makes a valid ...
Posted 09/26/05 09:47 PST
TTT diagram- reg
Something you should understand, TTT curves are empirically gener...
Posted 09/26/05 09:39 PST
API 6A/ ASTM B7 stud threads vs UNC
Actually Gerdb, no. Those are pipe threads of various types. What...
Posted 09/26/05 09:31 PST
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