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Window for pressurized chamber made from laminated glass?
Topic started by battleship81 on 10/22/10, Message No. 21243
Again, thanks for your help.  Believe it or not, I am an ME,...
Posted 11/10/10 11:55 PST, Message No. 21265
Can you explain this silicone "potting" process, or maybe point t...
Posted 11/08/10 14:28 PST, Message No. 21263
So no laminate necessary huh?  In your applications, do you...
Posted 11/02/10 15:58 PST, Message No. 21259
I need to put a 7"X10" window in a chamber that will experience p...
Posted 10/22/10 08:24 PST, Message No. 21243
hermetic seal by press fit?
Topic started by battleship81 on 08/04/10, Message No. 21176
Min. wall thickness of manifold - .087".  I know this sounds...
Posted 08/06/10 15:36 PST, Message No. 21180
So I need to join 4 small o.d. (.185"),  "L" shaped, stainle...
Posted 08/04/10 11:36 PST, Message No. 21176

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