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Basic Information
UserName: dozer
Name: Gary Postlethwait
Location: Cape Canaveral, FL
Occupation Systems Engineer
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Posts by dozer
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Copper Seals
Topic started by dozer on 07/28/04, Message No. 14348
Morning, I was curious what copper alloy is typically used in ...
Posted 07/28/04 06:51 PST, Message No. 14348
Rust vs. Corrosion
Topic started by dozer on 12/15/03, Message No. 12834
Thanks for all your help. I think with the information provided t...
Posted 12/16/03 05:29 PST, Message No. 12842
I'm hoping to get some communal help in the rust vs. corrosion ar...
Posted 12/15/03 12:19 PST, Message No. 12834
how far away are we from developing a metal that has no mass?
Topic started by gerdb on 10/28/03, Message No. 12429
Such a material as the Roswell T-bars would be the holy grail in ...
Posted 10/29/03 06:25 PST, Message No. 12432
Topic started by thoughttrain on 06/30/03, Message No. 11521
If matter and energy are interchangable, is your term "imaginatio...
Posted 07/01/03 06:02 PST, Message No. 11537
Topic started by yesyouretheone on 06/27/03, Message No. 11506
Dearest yesyourtheone, Are you installing an upgrade or a full...
Posted 06/30/03 11:04 PST, Message No. 11519

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